Anderson Bell + Christie

Architecture Fringe - Renaissance to Ruin

As part of the Architecture Fringe we have held a series of events based on the theme “common senses”.

We are interested in the way people with  visual  impairments negotiate Glasgow’s streets and spaces  and have worked with a group of people with sight difficulties to work out how to make thing better for them. To highlight how difficult it can be, we have repainted our office façade with an artwork   – its  in  a ‘dazzle pattern’ used to camouflage battleships in the second world war – a way of visually representing what its like to have a visual impairment negotiating streets where obstructions are hard to see.

We will be hosting a debate about the potential for the universal basic income to unlock people’s creativity and use it to shape Scotland’s spaces, places, gardens and buildings.   There is a lot of potential to develop ways for people to work together cooperatively,  empowering them to make a real difference to the places where they  live. The universal basic income is an opportunity for fresh thinking and a way to do things differently in the future, but is it financially viable and practical ?


Its on Friday of this week (22nd June ) and tickets are still available.