Anderson Bell + Christie

Housing to 2040

Part six of our R&D showcase is our work with the Scottish Government.

We are delighted to be included within the Housing to 2040 Route Map and the Housing to 2040 Vision & Principles. The Route Map along with other associated documents have been published. You can access the documents by using the following link: Our work can be found on page 44.

In response to the Scottish Government's call for consultation, Anderson Bell Christie established and hosted an Affordable Housing Symposium. This provided a full day forum for leaders in the public housing sector across Scotland to come together and consider the future of social housing. The event was well attended with registered social landlords from housing associations and local authorities.

It included presentations from specially selected experts whose cutting edge work could provide a signpost to the future of social housing. This covered a diverse range of subject areas from local authority public health to indoor air quality, zero carbon living and arts led public engagement. The guest speakers chaired a series of focus groups to discuss the future of social housing in Scotland.

We collated the findings and utilised them to develop five inter-related policy proposals for submission to the Scottish Government's Housing to 2040 consultation. These included:

  • Redefine "affordability."
  • Implement the Anderson Bell Christie Net Zero Carbon Strategy.
  • Expand the Place Standard.
  • Implement Community Carbon Place Plans.
  • Replace Housing for Varying Needs.