Anderson Bell + Christie

Moredunvale Consultation

Anderson Bell Christie are working with City of Edinburgh Council on a holistic community led improvement programme in the Moredunvale area.

Moredunvale is comprised of Moredun Park, (6 high rise blocks, maisonettes and two storey housing.)  The community have developed a strong voice in response to under investment in their buildings, greenspace and reduction of services in the area.  They receive positive support from their local elected members.

We began by recommending a sensitive and inclusive approach to the improvement programme.  We instigated the creation of a Steering Group, comprised of representatives from the resident’s groups, Community Council, client and design team.  The group was limited to a maximum of ten to ensure effective dialogue and decision making.

The Steering Group is chaired by a representative from the Tenant Information Service, who provides balance and ensures residents are aware of their rights.  It is the conduit for dialogue between community, client and designers and is the central hub of information flow and decision making.  All decisions are made by consensus in the Steering Group, with all parties given an equal voice.

We worked with the Steering Group to tender and select artists.  Wave Particle were selected to lead a creative community engagement programme.  Only after extensive engagement during the summer of 2022 were physical interventions to the greenspace proposed, costed and selected by the Steering Group.

We held an event in January 2023.  This was an opportunity to celebrate what had been achieved by the community so far through a series of still photos and videos projected onto the tower blocks themselves.  It was wonderful to hear and see voices from the community amplified and projected in the area. 

The projection event allowed the group to reach a wider audience and share the design proposals with them.  The medium allowed us to demonstrate that the group had not only listened, but had implemented the communities wishes.  The additional feedback gathered from the event will help to further refine the designs.  Our hope is that this work reinvigorates the community. We believe an indicator of success will be the successful return of the Moredun gala day. This will be a clear sign of community renewal and transfer of a sense of shared ownership.