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Ageing Well In Denny

Denny mirrors other smaller Scottish towns where there is an urgent need to address a population with poor health (18.8% of the local population are living with limiting and long-term health problems), shrinking retail demand and a failing town centre.  

Its population mirrors that of the rest of Scotland, with a disproportionate increase in the numbers of elderly people in the future. Local GP surgeries and health centre’s have been working to full capacity, impeding their ability to offer routine preventative care such as  blood pressure and body metrics. Again, this reflects a national trend.

To address this, we have been working with Falkirk Council to research ways in which they could pilot new technologically enabled preventative care systems which are integrated with local   facilities and  which could then be rolled out across Scotland.

Not all members of the community have digital access at home, nor do they all have the necessary digital skills. Falkirk Council currently provide free public WIFI in Denny town centre so we have recommended a centre for patients to self- provide metrics to NHS standards, including blood pressure, weight and height. Our proposed wellbeing centre can also be used for access to the Council’s current web portal,  utilizing and extending its existing health and wellbeing Falkirk site.  


There are existing health and wellbeing groups in Denny  which can be brought together in a digital network to co-deliver a Preventative Care Local Plan. This provides unprecedented opportunities to integrate work underway in the  area  with the aims and objectives of the project.