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Bedford Street

Situated in the vicinity of Butterbiggins Road, this development encompasses 28 flats and a linear park within the Laurieston area, a prominent masterplanned regeneration zone near Govanhill. Our involvement in the redevelopment spans multiple phases over several years. The development site, classified as an infill site, bears the remnants of prior constructions, leading to intricate ground conditions and utility considerations. 

Adhering to the parameters set by housing associations, including funding availability, timelines, and guidelines such as Housing for Varying Needs and Secured By Design, we ensured compliance with established standards. 

Our contribution extends beyond compliance, focusing on the site's notable southern exposure. Accordingly, our design strategically situates flats to optimise both southern and westerly aspects, maximizing solar gain and daylight for residents. 

The development is organised into two interconnected blocks, aligning seamlessly with the overarching Laurieston Masterplan. The second block fills the gap along Gorbals Street, establishing a continuous urban frontage and a meaningful link between the broader Laurieston development and the British Linen Bank—the only remaining historic building in the vicinity, situated on the corner of Bedford Lane and Gorbals Street. 

Collaborating with landscape architects Hirsts and artists Wave Particle, we crafted design proposals for a linear park adjacent to the development site. This involved an inclusive community consultation process, ensuring a holistic and community-oriented approach to the project.

Bedford St Spread