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Carnwadric Road

The site is located in an established residential neighbourhood with Thornliebank to the South East and Carnwadric to the North and East and Arden to the West.  There is a 3 storey frontage facing onto Carnwadric Road with a flatted corner block at Hopeman Road, creating strong corner frontage at this junction.

To the rear of the development site, 2-storey terraced houses address the local need for affordable housing and complement the existing terraced houses at Kilmuir Crescent. The linear nature of these terraced houses also reflects the existing urban pattern of the surrounding residential blocks.  The mix of flats, townhouses and terraced houses are accessed off a new shared space road off Carnwadric Road into the centre of the new development.

A central linear park with soft landscaping to the north/west and the south/east provides a focal point with greenspace and play areas for residents.

Where terraced houses look out onto the park to the front, parking spaces have been carefully located to avoid blocking views towards the park from living rooms. 

Carnwadric Road reel 1
Carnwadric Road reel 2