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Elderview Regeneration

This is a mixed-tenure development of 108 new homes including 2-storey and 3-storey terraced and semi-detached townhouses, and 4-storey tenemental flats.

It includes integrated wheelchair accessible housing and five homes that have been adapted for residents with severe learning disabilities or poor mental health.

Located beside the historic Elder Park in Govan, the development matches the surrounding context in terms of scale.

Larger tenemental flats face onto the historic A listed Fairfield Shipbuilding Offices at Govan Road, with smaller scale two-storey housing sitting behind – relating well to newer areas of housing beside the park.  

Off-site manufacture was used, including long panel timber kits which reduced the overall build programme for each plot to 16 weeks, rather than the usual 25-30 weeks. 


Govan, Glasgow.