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Fielden Street

Over the past 20 years ABC have been working with West of Scotland Housing Association to redevelop the Camlachie-Barrowfield area in the east end of Glasgow. Occupying a prominent gap-site, this new residential development will be the 11th phase of this regeneration programme.

A new row of 4 and 6 storey flats on Fielden street will address the historic listed Howe Sewing Machine Company Factory which lies directly across the road, to the rear of this are two rows of 3 storey townhouses set back from the street to allow for an area of planting to create a green edge to these two streets, whilst affording additional privacy to the residents within these houses.

All of the new housing is arranged around a courtyard featuring a combination of public and private outdoor spaces for residents designed in conjunction with erz landscape architects. Featuring a community garden, SUDs rain garden and play space, this acts as the focal point for this development and the wider community as a whole.