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Masterplan for the Gannochy Estate

We worked with the Gannochy Trust to put together a strategic framework and vision for the long-term development of the Gannochy Trust Estate, which includes agricultural land, housing, community facilities and heritage buildings. The masterplan sets out a vision and identifies opportunities for the next 15 to 20 years. It is based on the concept of a Lifetime Neighbourhood where people are not forced to leave their homes through illness or aging, and where sociable outdoors spaces encourage residents to get to know each other and foster a genuine sense of community. An extensive community engagement exercise involved local community groups, statutory bodies and the trust’s tenants.

The masterplan highlights the estate’s distinctive and important characteristics and identifies areas for improvement. It supports and complements the trust’s new strategic plan and provides context analysis and design guidance to support the trust’s ambition to extend its ‘model’ housing estate. This was expertly laid out under the direction of the Trust’s founder, Arthur Kinmond (AK) Bell, between 1923 and 1931.