Anderson Bell + Christie
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Place Based Research

We are particularly interested in researching how people with perceptual difficulties interact with their environment, and have worked with academic bodies on research for people with disabilities

Mobility Mood and Place:
We supported the Universities of Edinburgh, Heriot-Watt, York and King’s College London to explore how places can be designed collaboratively to support outdoor activity, health, wellbeing and community engagement as people age.

Memory-Friendly Neighbourhoods:  
One particularly successful aspect of the work was an on-site exercise in the town of Kirkintilloch near Glasgow. With the support of the local council, we walked around the town centre with a group of people affected by dementia and their carers, exploring how memory impacts on route-finding, and mapping aspects of the environment which either challenged them or made life easier.

Glasgow in Frames:
Together with the Glasgow Centre for Inclusive Living, we organized a guided walk around the west end of Glasgow with people who had varying degrees of visual impairment. This was a useful way to get their feedback on designing streets and places and their comments have fed directly back into our design practices.