Anderson Bell + Christie
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Quarry Road

The building is the initial phase of a larger regeneration masterplan in the heart of Irvine, which aims to promote health and wellbeing. The building houses the office headquarters for a local leisure company and work spaces for Business Gateway, who aim to support local entrepreneurs and business start-ups. Flexible open-plan office spaces and shared meeting rooms on the ground floor will allow business ventures to grow and expand; promoting and encouraging local employment.

The brief called for a landmark to signal the development entrance, draw people into the site and set the building quality for the phases that follow. The design response developed from the building’s massing, where the sloping roof and its orientation was designed to house the PVs and create a dynamic section with enhanced height and profiled ceilings for the large offices on the first floor. Timber louvres were designed to complement the brick and soften large areas of glazing. Glulam timbers provide an additional layer of protection and concealment and promote the building’s environmental strategy by acting as solar shading for the entrance and reception spaces.