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Shawbridge Masterplan

We were commissioned to review and update an earlier Shawbridge masterplan which had been developed for a different housing market. Our amendments took account of changing economic and market conditions, the recommendations of the Transforming Communities business plan, and changes to Glasgow City Council Planning Policy.

We developed options for masterplan layouts to test the capacity of the site. Our team provided a thorough assessment of the core target market which was used to determine the housing mix; we also advised on the best delivery and procurement strategies.

The final masterplan retains an urban “block” structure but provides a development framework which can flexibly accommodate changes to the housing mix in the future. An indicative phasing plan and summary action plan reflecting this approach were prepared as part of the masterplan process. A well-attended community event was held in the Pollokshaws Library together with a “walk around” of the local area, which allowed us to identify opportunities for temporary community projects.