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St Beya Gardens

A small development of twelve bungalows built around an attractive and accessible shared outdoor space which follows Designing Streets Policy. Eleven bungalows have been constructed to amenity standard,  while retaining the the flexibility to be adapted further for those with more significant disabilities. The twelth is fully wheelchair accessible.

The project is intended to be an exemplar for energy efficient, accessible older person’s housing, and sets a benchmark for North Ayrshire Council which will inform future housing for older people.

All new homes were designed to comply with the full Silver Active standard under Section 7 of the Building Regulations.  As a result, they  are extremely energy efficient , using low carbon Air-Source Heat Pump (ASHP) technology coupled with underfloor heating, triple glazing, exemplary air tightness and passive stack ventilation. 


Millport, Isle of Cumbrae.

Milport 1
Milport 2
Milport 3