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Whiteinch Community Centre

We have developed a "landmark" design which includes artist-led signage and lighting installations, together with high quality landscaping and public realm which contribute to a distinctive, local “sense of place”.

Proposals are based upon an initial feasibility and consultation process which was rooted in the community and included pupils from local schools. “Our Place” was a collaborative project involving pupils who, interviewed various users of the centre to build up a comprehensive insight into their local area. This feedback fed into the briefing process and underpinned our design.

The Centre is owned and managed by the Whiteinch Community Association and is designed to reinforce community regeneration. In addition to a central “hub” housing a bar/café there are facilities for community groups, sports, meetings & councillors surgeries, together with new offices and workspaces for rent by new and expanding local businesses. Proposals have been carefully designed to deal with the differing security and access requirements of the building’s users.


Whiteinch, Glasgow

Whiteinch 1
Whiteinch 2